Things Funeral Companies Dont Tell Us

In this video, you will learn about a funeral. First, you are going to get a post-mortom exam. They do an external exam and take notes of any obvious lumps and freckles.

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Next, they cut you open to check inside your body. They examine each organ and sees if they can see any obvious damage. Next, they are going to send samples for toxins. After the post-mortom exam is over, the body is released to the funeral home. Your body is in a freezer until it is ready to be viewed. Your body has been in the freezer for so long, that you need to be pumped with formaldehyde. All of your fluid needs to be drained. You are being stuffed with cotton so you don’t have any smells. You are washed thoroughly. You are manicured and dressed in your best suit. The body needs to be placed in a coffin and you are placed in the viewing room. Your casket is being rolled to the crematorium. The operator starts the cremator by starting the gas. They are monitoring the screen for the system. It has to get up to 700 degrees. Learn more.

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