Dissolved Air Flotation Explained

In this video, you will learn about daf. Daf stands for dissolved air flotation system. The ideal daf system is designed to remove solids fast.

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THe construction allows it to be lightweight, while still maintaining a high level of erosion management. The daf can withstand a high ph range. It is designed to give chemicals to incorporate into the stream and break down solids to allow the operator to sample the water. More flexibility is good. The dag pump is essential. Treated water is drawn out and dissolves compressed air to dissolve back. When dealing with a pump some of the air will fail to get out of the water. Large bubbles need to exit the stream and return to the affluent chamber. It will spread along the length of the daf and begin the separation process. As the air releases from the recycling, microbubbles cause them to rise from the surface. The treated water travels through the lens and up through the tubes. The floating waste particles will be skimmed off the top. Keep watching this video to learn more information.

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