Looking at Different Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sizes

The jewelry market is valued at $348.5 billion around the world annually. With such a large selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, it can be overwhelming to decide what is the best fit for you. Will you go for diamond and gemstone bracelets for a fancy dinner, or sterling silver earrings for a night out?

In this video, a jeweler looks at her white gold diamond tennis bracelet selection and their different sizes. She explains how wide each bracelet is and how many carats each one has. Tennis bracelets should be loose enough to freely move up and down your wrist allowing you to stack different bracelets for a beautiful look.

Stackable bracelets are a great look for special occasions. It allows you to customize the look and gives you many different options than just wearing one tennis bracelet. The jeweler talks about the different sizes she likes to wear while stacking, but it’s all personal preference!

Jewelry is something that most people want to wear at important events. So, if you are planning for a big night out, or just want to splurge a little on jewelry, check this video out to learn about different sizes and styles of tennis bracelets!

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