What Is Lidar Technology?

LiDAR technology, or light detection and ranging technology, measures elevation with a laser measuring system. It can measure land, forest, and buildings. This light imagery technology used UV light to detect objects on the ground and determine their elevation. The light will reflect off of the object and back to the detection device to determine the height by measuring the time it takes for the light to return to the detection sensor.

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Because planes, helicopters, and drones are used with LiDAR, they can travel high above the ground and cover a much wider area of land. Still, you can use this technology on the ground, from a plane, or even from a satellite. This technology is amazing for mapping, planning, and other types of land maintenance. Its most common use is for land surveying, but it can also detect problems in power lines, forest areas, and assist with transportation infrastructure expansion.

LiDAR mapping technology is very similar to how bats use sonar. To learn more about LiDAR technology, how it works, and what it can be used for please watch the provided video. It will give you a good foundation of knowledge as you learn more about LiDAR technology.


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