How to Use an iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test at Home

With the pandemic continuing, we are getting more brands to come out with COVID-19 test kits to take at home. This can allow you to stay safe inside your home and not have to deal with the long wait at your local testing site. The COVID-19 antigen rapid test that we are discussing today is from iHealth. This test is FDA approved and you can get your results in 15 minutes! This package comes with 2 at-home tests, so you can be prepared if there is ever a next time.

Video Source

In the video, they demonstrate how the test works. They go through the packaging, how to prepare to take the rapid test, how to get your sample with the swab before getting the results. If you want to see how to take this at-home test from the professionals, watch the video and see how easy it can be! It’s not going to be as scary as it is as a testing site and definitely won’t take as much time. If you are feeling sick and want to be safe, have one of your loved ones grab you one of these at your local store.


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