12 Design Ideas for Master Bedrooms

Of all the rooms in a house, the bedroom is where you can consider being personal and private. It is the space where you relax or unwind from a day’s fatigue and recharge. The bedrooms vary from house to house, depending on space availability. If you are lucky enough, you get to have a big master bedroom with enormous spaces for dressing, sleeping, unwinding, and bathing.

With a big spacious master bedroom, there are a lot of design ideas for master bedrooms you can come up with to create a cozy, luxurious, and relaxing space. However, consider these significant and beautiful master bedroom design concepts before implementing any design ideas.

1. Create Well-Defined Zones

Master bedrooms are huge, and the best design idea you can implement to make the space more useful is dividing the room. However, you must ensure that your subdivision retains a compact urban look. You can utilize inconspicuous, stylish, and full-height storage dividers to invent separate rooms for relaxing and sleeping without blocking light from spreading to either sectioned space.

Open shelving for books that you can access from either side of the master bedroom and multipurpose the shelf. Select a moveable storage unit to enhance flexibility within the room so that you can alter the subdivision whenever you desire.

2. Including an En Suite

The addition of an En-suite to a master bedroom is probably the best of all design ideas for master bedrooms as it involves making your master bedroom self-contained. However, you must strive to make the master and the En-suite one space. That implies you will have to consider utilizing matching colors and finishes. Also, where possible, utilize similar materials.

You can choose a theme for your bedroom and customize the En-suite to match the selected theme so that the difference between the bathroom and the bedroom is less visible. Thus, go for a frosted glass panel instead of a solid color.

3. Fit Adaptable Storage

Most master bedrooms, especially the rentals, do not have flawlessly straight walls and square rooms. Hence, to boost your master bedroom’s design, consider designing full-height wardrobes and wall-mounted bedroom storage, ensuring it covers all corners on the sides and from top to bottom.

However, you should be careful to prevent it from looking too imposing by leaving out some open shelving that you can utilize for photo display or surfaces for small storage baskets. If the master bedroom has great natural lighting, shift from the lighter shades and daringly go for a smoky timber-appearance door finished with slender handlebars.

4. Select Suitable Window Treatments

Window treatments make up the best design ideas for master bedrooms. Windows allow light and sound into a room and facilitate proper aeration. You can convert your master bedroom into a comfy nest by installing a set of modernized Venetian blinds on each window in the master bedroom. Such blinds are perfect for keeping out any light where your bedroom overlooks street security lighting.

The blinds should close tightly to keep out any light. Blinds with extreme blackout effects are the best. Also, they should be able to allow in enough light during the day while still upholding privacy. You can opt for a more conventional treatment by selecting timber finishes or including decorative curtains or sheer to achieve a softer and serene effect. Always ensure your windows are clean, even if you are staying in a high-rise building. Consider using a high rise window cleaner if you cannot reach the outside of your windows.

You could consider installing interior windows if the natural light in the master bedroom is not enough to illuminate the room during the day. You can design beautiful interior windows to add a more aesthetic feeling to the master bedroom.

5. Pick Neutral Paint Colors

Painting a neutral color on the walls of the master bedroom is another excellent design idea that you must implement to accentuate coziness. It would help if you went for a neutral color, regardless of your favorite color.

Pastel colors are the best interior house paint choices for bedrooms as they never get boring or become too much. However, the shade of sugary pink is a no. Instead of sugary pink, you can choose an off-white color, but it should have a warm undertone. The color of the paint you choose largely impacts the feel you create within the master bedroom.

Remember, you are aiming for a warm and comfortable color. Hence, pastel colors and the off-white blend well with the bedroom colors, often white or grey, and provide a soothing feeling.

6. Select the Most Appropriate Space for the TV

Entertainment within the master bedroom is a must. TVs provide the best entertainment as you unwind or try getting some sleep. However, it can be challenging to determine where to position the TV in a master bedroom. As much as you have to place the TV in a place that can be seen while one needs to watch, the TV has to be placed where it can remain inconspicuous while not in use.

Some great design ideas for master bedrooms for mounting a TV would be to build a retractable screen into the fitted furniture. That results in a neatly framed TV and minimizes its impact in the master bedroom.

7. Apportion the Bedroom into Diverse Areas

Dividing the master bedroom into an en-suite, home office, or dressing room is one of the design ideas for master bedrooms that intends to make the bedroom feel big, brighter, but still comfortable. Plate-glass walls and doors are used in the subdivision. They offer the master bedroom a feeling of grandeur. Maintain simple features for the rest of the room to achieve the feel of an internal graze.

8. A Touch of Charm to the Decoration Won’t Hurt

The master bedroom should have a touch of glamour, regardless of how big or small it may be. A small space should not limit you to the design features you can include in your master bedroom to make it cozy and glamorous. For instance, if you cannot fit a dressing mirror into your bedroom due to space constraints, you can mount an elegant mirror on your bedroom’s wall and attach a few shallow wardrobes immediately beneath the mirror.

To add a touch of charm, you can consider adding some lighting systems on the sides or above the mirror. Also, you can get a neat stool to sit on while grooming yourself before the mirror and tuck it away below the shelf when not in use. The mirror lets you know what you are doing and converts the area into a fantastic central point.

9. Maintain a Stylish Set of Bedding and lighting Systems

A room cannot be a bedroom if it does not have the necessary tools for sleep. Installing a sizeable bed with side cabinets that most of the time act as lampstands should be the first design feature you incorporate into your master bedroom. If the room is spacious enough, you go for a 6 by 6 wooden mahogany bed, as they tend to be spacious, comfy, and blend well with the bedroom colors.

Get a compact mattress to fit the bed and nice and comfy memory foam pillows. Also, get soft cotton sheets and duvets to cover yourself as you sleep. Ensure you match the color of the duvets with the bedroom colors.

Lighting is among the compulsory design ideas for master bedrooms that you ought to look into. To achieve ambient lighting, go for the overhead flush-mounted lights. You can also use hanging lights. However, if space is a non-issue, you can install a pendant or chandelier above the bed to create a focal point. Always ensure the bedroom lights are warm and neutral and should have the same temperatures to avoid clashing.

Also, you can opt for lighting fixtures with ceiling fans to help cool you down during a hot summer. In the event of electrical faults, consider approaching an electrician to perform electric repairs.

10. Invest in Excellent Storage or Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closets are another excellent design ideas for master bedrooms that allow you to see all your wardrobe’s constituents at a glance. A walk-in wardrobe allows you to go in and browse through what you own and try them on as you select the one you want to wear. It must not be so big, meaning you can utilize the available space within your master bedroom to create one.

The walk-in wardrobe constitutes well-affixed cabinets, shelves, drawers, and open hanging rails. You must ensure that it is well organized and neat at all times. You can customize the walk-in closet to suit your needs and preferences.

Before implementing this superb idea, consider shopping around for wardrobe design ideas for master bedrooms and assess your shoes’ and clothes’ quantities to know how you will sub-divide your walk-in space to contain everything properly. Consider adding overhead lighting for the exposed clothes storage. The lighting is essential in finding clothes or shoes quickly and converts the closet into a central point.

11. Enhance the Seating Potential

Your master bedroom might not be big enough to contain a comfortable armchair or chaise. However, given your desire to have a seat within the bedroom, you can consider a window seat or a banquette, which is an excellent design solution.

The bedroom provides a quiet and peaceful environment for minor activities like reading a newspaper or magazine or having a hot drink. A built-in window seat, which is one of the best design ideas for master bedrooms, comes in handy. It provides a cozy place for relaxing, catching up with the latest news, and downing a hot drink. In addition to providing a seating space, an in-built window seat provides extra storage that free moving furniture might not give.

You can opt for deep, spacious drawers or padded seats with storage space underneath. You can utilize the seats’ storage for bed linens, towels, or curtains. Add plump cushions and throw pillows to make the seating area welcoming.

12. Install an Air Conditioning System

Even though the windows provide some extent of ventilation, they are not convenient for the nighttime or periods when there are strong winds or extreme temperatures. Consider air conditioning installation to ensure your bedroom is properly cooled and has the right humidity concentration and air purity.

Moreover, you can install heat-generating systems to warm the whole house, including your bedroom, during cold seasons like winter. Hence, you can request an HVAC service provider to install an HVAC system to make it possible for you to regulate your master bedroom’s temperatures during all seasons.

Another design feature you can introduce to warm your master bedroom is a furnace. A furnace heats a house by heating the air around it. The whole room or house gets warm given constant air circulation. It is wise to contact furnace companies who are well-versed with furnace design ideas for master bedrooms, if you want to know the size of the furnace for your master bedroom and where to place the furnace.

13. Soundproof the Master Bedroom

If you are staying close to a busy highway, noise can be a major source of disturbance in your area. The noise can be too loud to deny you a peaceful night or day’s rest. Insulation against such disturbances can be the best solution.

You can soundproof the master bedroom from external noises by sealing the door, installing thick carpets, and installing acoustic windows. You can also utilize soundproof rug pads or have some cotton-filled pillows on your bed to dampen the outside noise.

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