What Are Foam Fire Suppression Systems?

Form fire protection system is a fire extinguishing system that works by producing foam during a fire outbreak to extinguish the fire. This system extinguishes combustible liquids by cooling and separating the fuel from oxygen. The foam does this by suppressing and smothering the fire and vapor, thereby preventing re-ignition. Let’s look at how fire suppression systems work in detail.
The foam fire protection system is quite effective in preventing fires ignited by fuels from spreading.

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The system extinguishes the fire by coating the fuel that the fire is consuming to cool it off. The oxygen separation from the fueling agent reduces the fuel’s combustion ability. The foam does this by smothering the fuel surface while the water content in the foam cools it off. The area is then covered with foam to prevent re-ignition through flammable vapors.
The foam fire protection systems are designed like wet sprinklers. The stored form flows through a system of pipes and discharges through the nozzles to extinguish the fire. It’s important to note that the foaming agent is stored separately from water—the two mix in the pipes when they are released during a fire outbreak. Click the link above to get a visual illustration of how the system works.

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