The Process of Performing Helicopter Inspections

If you’re interested in helicopter inspections, repairs, and maintenance, then look no further! The processes behind helicopter maintenance ensure that the aircraft functions smoothly and as it should, which is critical for safety. Follow along with this video to see behind the scenes of a typical helicopter repair team.

A repair team leader keeps the managing standards, procedures, and functions up to date so everything is done with the utmost quality. Preventative helicopter inspections identify components that routinely need to be replaced, as well as those that are not typically required to be checked.

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Pilots are trained to communicate directly with the maintenance team if they feel like something may be wrong with any component of the helicopter. This crucial and direct communication allows the problems to be addressed and fixed quickly. Pilots and the repair crew rely on each other to make sure everything works as it should.

The aircraft discussed in this video are generally used for aerial tours and can seat up to seven people. Conforming to all safety regulations for this specific industry puts even more work on the team. To learn more about this process, watch along and find out how helicopter maintenance works, and if you can join the team!


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