What is a Dedicated Online Gaming Server?

This video walks you step by step through how to host an online gaming server from your home. This will require additional research for thorough detail on each of these steps since each game and hardware are different. Geared toward beginners, this video will give you the tips you need to get a game server up and running from your home!/p>

Server set-up guides all over the internet won’t be able to cover every possible scenario you may encounter, as the ever-changing technology makes many tips obsolete within months. You should begin by getting hardware to start your server.

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An old PC would work just fine so you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg!

Next, you should choose an operating system, such as windows. Older operating systems won’t be supported, so use whatever system you have licensing for, and make sure they are completely updated before moving on. Then you should install the software, using a guide to follow instructions on how to properly do so.

Once the software is installed, you will need to configure it in a way that gives you the settings you specifically want. You can also install mods on your server, but it may make your server work harder. Finally, you have to configure the firewall to allow the server to be accessible to the general public. To learn more about this process, do your research!


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