Why Your Child Should Play Sports in School

The childhood and teen years are a time of learning not only the three “R”s but learning about social skills. School sports for young people keep children fit and healthy. What are the benefits of school athletics for children?

Physical Benefits of Sports

Physical activity aids not only in physical fitness but in mental agility as well. Stress is alleviated with physical activity.

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A support system with teammates helps with stress, too.

Many kids prefer playing video games to playing sports. Heart health is at risk here, so getting kids out to play is vital to their physical health. The coach in the video stated that a CDC study showed that one in four kids got enough physical activity. This puts kids at risk of not only poor physical health but poor mental health as well.

Emotional Benefits of School Sports

Every kid wants to fit in. One of the most important things about team sports is confidence building. Kids make friends on the team, celebrate wins, and console each other for losses, all of which help kids gain self-confidence.

Achieving goals as a team and as an individual spurs even more self-confidence. The discipline found in school athletics will stand kids in good stead for adulthood.

School sports is more than simply getting kids out of the house for an hour or two. It’s vital to their physical and mental development, so toss them a baseball and watch them grow!


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