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On the Autopedia YouTube Channel in the video ” Good Automated Manufacturing Practices,” they discuss automated manufacturing practices for the pharmaceutical industry and companies that produce these products. A group of professionals working in the industry formed an organization called GMAP Good Automated Manufacturing Practices.

They have many chapters in the United States and around the world.

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This organization has devised safe manufacturing guidelines for companies to follow to meet safety and product quality requirements for drugs. These safety standards include the raw material or ingredients used to make the product, machines used for production, and the training and hygiene of workers.

This organization has written many manuals on good automated manufacturing practices and how to train employees. These manuals include how to archive electronic data, operate machinery, train employees, monitor ingredients used in making a drug, and use machinery safely.

Good Automated Manufacturing Practices look at the complete cycle of making a pharmaceutical product and ensure it is produced according to specific standards. All aspects of the process must be documented and reviewed by qualified professionals.

Three trends that are driving the need for this organization are the need for trained qualified staff, the need for machinery that is safe and easy to operate, safety guidelines, and the need for better quality control in the industry. GAMP will continue to work towards that goal in the future.

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