Which Chairs Should You Rent?

A chair rental business is one that can be relatively simple and lucrative. In this video, the presenter, who is the owner of a chair rental business, explains which chairs he thinks are the best to buy when starting a similar company.

Color is an important consideration. The presenter mentions that a chair rental business owner should see the predominant colors used by nearby companies because it is more than likely that at some point other companies will have to rent from you in order to fulfill an order. The presenter suggests that white chairs are the best because they could be used for weddings or other outdoor parties.

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Chairs that have a dark color, on the other hand, might be used for graduation parties, but will not be used for weddings.

The one downside to getting white, non-padded chairs is that dirt shows up easily and they need frequent cleaning. However, their versatility makes them the go-to chair for only $12-$14 a chair. Once a rental chair business owner has established this simple option, then black and other colors, such as wooden chair rental, can be purchased to help the company branch out to other types of events.


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