Richie Havens Guild Guitars Are Great to Learn On!

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The blues guitarist BB King named his guitar Lucille in 1949 upon rescuing it from a burning building. According to legend, the fire broke out during a fight between two guys over a lady named Lucille. Thus, King decided to name his guitar Lucile so that he would be reminded to never fight over a woman, and to never enter a burning building again! These days, naming a guitar after oneself rather than a woman has become a de facto rule for players with their own line of guitars. In March of 2012, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, maker of Brian Setzer gretsch guitars, alt de facto fano guitars, Chet Atkins gretsch guitars, electric fender stratocaster guitars, and electric fender mustang guitars filed for an Initial public offering.

There are many fender guitars that have been named after famous guitar players, Richie Havens guild guitars being one example. Naming a line of guitars after well loved musicians is one way of honoring them after their death. Of course, there are other ways as well. When Jimi Hendrix died in 1970 the image of a Fender Stratocaster was carved onto his tombstone. This is fitting because Hendrix loved stratocasters, and stratocasters are a major part of his legacy.

Richie Havens was beloved for his intense and rhythmic guitar sound, which is why it is appropriate that Richie Havens guild guitars are named after him. Richie Havens loved playing Guild guitars and did so at his famous 1969 Woodstock performance. We will always have Richie Havens guild guitars to remember him by.

You do not need to be a guitar player to make great guitars. Leo Fender, one of the most famous guitar makers of all time, was not actually a guitarist. He actually played the saxophone. He would have loved Richie Haven guild guitars. DAngelico and Dquisto, who are considered two of the greatest guitar makers, would have also loved Richie Havens guild guitars because Richie Havens guild guitars are beautifully made and they sound amazing. Everyone who likes music loves Richie Havens guild guitars. For more, read this link: