Learn about the Sentences Commonly Associated with a DUI or DWI Charge

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Drinking and driving is never a smart decision, it puts your life and the life of others on the road at risk. However, far too many individuals still decide to drink and drive, but if they stop to think about what happens when you get a DUI or DWI, perhaps they will re-consider. A DUI and DWI are basically the same thing; however, DUI charges typically have to do with driving under the influence of substances other than alcohol, while a DWI charge involves driving over the legal limit of consumed alcohol.

So, what happens when you get a DUI or DWI? The sentencing can vary from state to state, but most states utilize a system of five different levels. The first level is the second highest level of DWI. The sentence includes a mandatory 30 days in jail, with the possibility of up to tw