Do Not Live With a Broken Smartphone Any Longer

Cell phone repair store

Since the iPhone made its debut in 2007, Apple has sold more than 85 million units in the United States. Unfortunately, over 15 percent of iPhone owners accidentally damage their device within the first year of getting it. Some of the more common accidents include dropping the phone in a toilet or swimming pool, knocking it off a table, or letting it fall from your lap. When the damages become too severe for DIY methods of repair, a cell phone repair store may be needed to restore your phone to its original condition.

Cell phone water damage can permanently ruin the components inside your phone. One of the most common DIY home methods to remedy this accident is to place the phone in a bag of rice. While this can help some water damage, it may not completely restore the original functionality of the phone. When the phone becomes submerged in water, such as when it gets put through the wash, which five percent of iPhone owners accidentally do, the water could seep deeply into the phone, permanently damaging components that you may not be aware of. A water damaged cell phone can be repaired by a cell phone repair store, as they will run a thorough inspection of your phone to determine if there are any major parts damaged.

Even though 16 percent of all iPhone accidents occur in the bathroom, that does not mean all of them fall in the toilet. Dropping your phone can cause a cracked or broken screen. There are repair kits and replacement screens available for purchase, but they are sometimes difficult to use and may not completely guarantee a total fix. A cell phone repair store, however, is trained on how to replace a cracked or broken screen. Since this is a common occurrence that earns a lot of attention in repair stores, a repair specialist can make your phone look brand new again.

Your iPhone may be your prized possession, but unfortunately accidents sometimes happen. When trying to fix it yourself does not work, you may need the assistance of a cell phone repair store. By getting your iPhone back to perfect, working order, you can finally get back to enjoying all that it has to offer.

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