Three Current Trends in DC Contemporary Furniture Choices

Dc modern furniture

Did you know that the earliest known sofa comes from Egypt in 2,000 BC? The word itself comes from an Arabic word that means bench. Today, choosing furniture for our homes is an important part of personalizing our space, and making sure that we have comfortable spaces in which we can relax. When it comes to furniture in the DC area, there are many choices available. Here are some top trends in DC modern furniture that you might be interested in incorporating into your home.

1. Sectional Sofas

Did you know that the furniture market in the U.S. accounts for $63 billion in revenue? When you want more choices for optimizing space and customizing furniture to fit the needs of your home, sectionals make for a good modern furniture dc choice. These couches will come in seperate sections, so that you can fit them together in a multitude of ways. They are usually used to make L shape or U shape furniture arrangements, though for less traditional spaces they could be arranged together in the center of the room for an interesting square shaped sitting area.

2. Current Trends in Living Room Furniture

When it comes to design, there are several key trends we can point out in contemporary furniture dc. Patterns are out, and solid colors are in. Rich browns and deep blacks are hot right now, and also offer a lot of lasting value. Get ready to stop seeing the bottom of your couch as a storage place, because sofa curtains are out. Instead, you should highlight simplicity in design by opting for couches lifted about five inches off the ground by a sleek, thin wood or metal frame. Theodores in DC is selling a lot of couches like this right now, and we are also digging the unique pillows several of Theodores couches have.

3. Glass Table Top

If you have been looking for an excuse to get rid of your clunky wooden coffee table, your opportunity has come because the last several years have been favoring the more sleek look of glass. Glass does not have to mean boring, though. Many of these coffee tables feature interesting leg designs. Instead of traditional four leg structures, these tables are often supported by triangles or organic shapes that are visible through the glass top.

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