Five Traditional Kitchen Ideas that Balance Style and Investment Return

Kitchen cabinets refacing

When remodeling a kitchen, it is important to find a good balance between what will bring a good return on investment (ROI) and what satisfies your personal tastes. There is no doubt that even the simplest renovations will increase the value of your home. According to the annual analysis by Remodeling Magazine of cost versus value, a minor kitchen remodel gives homeowners an 87% ROI. Satisfying function, visual appeal and individual taste are the real challenge of kitchen renovations. Here are some tips and traditional kitchen ideas for appeasing tastes and maximizing return on investment.

  1. Plan Ahead!
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    The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends spending at least six months planning your kitchen renovation ideas. Take your time before beginning any construction. Do not rush in to a project! Also be prepared for unforeseen delays and problems, and give yourself extra time to complete beyond what you had originally expected.

  3. Connect the Kitchen to Other Rooms
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    Kitchens today average between 200 and 300 square feet and increasingly part of an open floor plan. Consider taking down a wall and adjoining your kitchen to a family room. This will add a wide open, easy access, free feeling to the floor. It also is more alluring for modern home buyers and will increase your ROI greatly.

  5. Use Space Wisely
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    Maximizing space maximizes practicality of your kitchen. Remove all excess furniture from the floor space. Add an island where things can be stored as well as where meals could be prepared and served. Use a slim spice rack to take advantage of irregular spaces. Some traditional kitchen cabinetry ideas say install cabinets up to the ceiling in any room with a ceiling of eight feet or less, but leave at least 18 inches of space in any kitchen with a higher ceiling. Using space effectively will save money during and after renovating.

  7. Color
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    One of the popular traditional kitchen ideas is to bring color and fabric to the room. Add vibrant curtains on windows and cover chairs with comfortable, colorful cushions. Painting the walls and cabinets warm complimentary colors.

  9. Flooring
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    If you want to stay strictly traditional, your floor pattern is important. Traditional kitchen ideas say wood flooring should be random. Stone tiles can be of different shapes and sizes, to give a more natural feel. Regardless of your pattern, a new wood or stone tiled floor greatly increases the value of a kitchen versus cheap vinyl or plastics.


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