Three Things You Need to Know About Local Map SEO

Local seo

Did you know that 20% of online searches are for local products and services? Small businesses might sometimes feel like SEO is not geared right for them. A local coffee shop might want more online visibility, but they do not need or have the budget to rank number one for everyone in the country who googles Best Coffee Shop. Instead, they want to rank well for their local area. For this reason, local map SEO exists. Here are three things business owners should know about what to look for in quality, local SEO.

1. Practice What They Preach

Did you know that, when people use search engines, 70% of them ignored paid advertising and instead click on organic links? If you are looking for a quality SEO company that can deliver what they promise, what should you be looking for? A company that ranks well in Google search results. It often boggles my mind to see SEO companies advertising their services in paid ads. If they cannot rank well enough in search terms for their own business, how successful will they really be for you? Look for someone who ranks high for SEO companies in your area. This is a key indication that they know how SEO actually works.

2. Great Communication

Communication is key to receiving quality SEO services. A good SEO company will enable you to get constant feedback on how well their campaign is going for you via dashboards, and they will work with you to look at how well different pages and keywords are performing and adjust their approach accordingly so that you can receive even more clicks and customers. Remember, you are looking for local map SEO. You want to use a company that understands how to get you ranking high for, say, Dallas Ice Cream Shop specifically.

3. Local SEO Resellers Serve as a Good Middleman

The truth about Seo is that it is often outsourced. This is not, however, a bad thing, but actually works in your favor as a business owner. The large Seo companies who can devote hundreds of dollars to research, development, and training quality writers are going to be the best choices for services. Then there are local seo resellers who take their services and resell them to you. The benefit of the reseller is that they understand the specific needs of your local business and can work with the SEO company to get content that pushes you in the right direction.

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