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Industrial handles

Since humans first walked the earth tools have not only been essential for survival, but necessary for the advancement of culture and society. Archaeologists date the oldest existing tools to the Stone Age, which took place anywhere between 3.4 million years ago and 2000 BC. In fact, evolutionary biologists hypothesize that humans and primates developed their opposing thumbs to enable the gripping of tools.

If you have never worked in industrial manufacturing, you would likely be fascinated to see the sophisticated machines used to produce the durable goods lining the shelves of our favorite retailers. When you see how fast, powerful, and precise this equipment is, it is difficult to believe that each piece evolved from the stone chisels and hammers used by prehistoric humans hundreds of thousands of years ago.

From the steel carriage bolts of the mid-19th century to today’s Destaco latches and hydraulic cylinders, none of them would exist without each and every innovation that has occurred since the first crude hand tools appeared thousands of years ago. The reason that deburring tools are capable of smoothing the edges of work pieces, and that lifting magnets have the strength to elevate hundreds of pounds of ferromagnetic steel, comes from the innovative ideas generated by people who have sought to improve upon existing technologies.

There is not a single consumer today who should not be grateful to the technological innovators of the past and present. After all, it was their ideas and innovative spirits that led to the development of state-of-the art industrial tools like Destaco grippers and Destaco latches. It is because of industrial tools and supplies like these that we are able to rely on our cars, computers, cell phones, and everything else we regard as indispensable to our daily lives.

In light of the speed at which technological advancement occurs, one can only imagine would lies ahead in terms of manufacturing technology. The one thing we can be certain of is there are innovators at this moment who are hard at work on the “next big thing,” while some sprightly middle-schooler is dreaming of becoming the next Steve Jobs. Wherever they are, whoever they are, or whatever they are cooking up, nothing is created in a vaccum.

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