Would You Know What To Do With a Plastic Insert If You Had One?

Bolt cover caps

You might have a little difficulty finding a catalog dedicated specifically to plastic inserts. Or one for stainless steel cable ties. Believe it or not, they do not really make catalogs for threaded standoffs either.

They are all simple, little pieces of hardware that everyone takes for granted. And even though they come in great varieties and do us all a great service every day, they are all-too-often overlooked. But not anymore. Today marks the day that we start a movement to raise awareness toward those little things in life that help us without our even knowing it.

  • Plastic Inserts
  • Also known as plug anchors, plastic inserts make it possible for us to be able to insert screws or bolts into surfaces that would otherwise not allow for such a thing. They come in PVC, nylon, or polypropylene, and come in the styles of finned, flange mount, flush mount, and tri-lobe.

    Have you ever tried to put a screw into drywall? If the item that you are hanging from it is heavy enough, it will just crumble the gypsum inside and ruin the wall is it falls to the ground, possibly breaking the thing that was hanging. Or what about securely sinking a screw into concrete, brick, or solid block? Even if you pre-drill a hole, there is nothing there for the threading to bite as it is screwed in.

    These inserts offer stability, strength, and peace of mind. They absorb and steadily distribute the weight of what is being hung in drywall. And they offer something for the thread of a screw to bite and hold onto when they are used in harder surfaces, such as concrete.

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • These are like everyone’s favorite nylon zip ties, but cooler. As they are made from metal, they are constructed in such a way that the catch can be released, meaning that more can be added into the bundle that is being held within, or that the cable tie itself can be completely undone and reused at a later date. Another benefit to the stainless steel is that it can withstand the elements and corrosive materials far better than any plastic zip tie.

  • Threaded Standoffs
  • These little guys are conveniently located in machinery that has two pieces that need to be steady, but kept at a distance from one another. They are like extended nuts, with opposite threading on either end. They are often used in computers in order to keep a piece of hardware suspended from the motherboard for heating and cooling purposes, but can also be found on a larger scale, making room for moving parts to pass safely and freely.

Just in knowing how much these pieces can help us, and do help us every single day, you have begun to appreciate their contributions, right? As soon as you get over the awe, go ahead and tell your friends about it too. Spread the good word!

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