Is Your Home or Workplace an Electrical Hazard?

Colored zip ties

Did you know that, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), electrical fires claim at least 540 lives per year? Even commonplace electronics and appliances can pose significant electrical hazards and risks. Whether you are at home, or working in an office or industrial setting, regularly inspecting wires and keeping cables and cords organized and tangle-free can significantly curbs threats of electrical fires and serious accidents. What simple tools help keep wires organized and intact?

Rubber Grommets and Threaded Standoffs

Grommets, or circular or oblong inserts, are typically made from rubber or hard plastic. Grommets protect electrical wiring and electronics’ cords by providing an alternate route well away from sharp metal pieces and jagged edges and corners. Some grommets may be specially designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Consumers can even purchase furniture grommets, desk grommets, and heavy-duty rubber grommets online, or at their local hardware store.

Likewise, threaded standoffs protect electronics and wiring by raising or elevating sensitive parts. Standoffs are used, for example, in computers to prevent electrical shorts, or frying the systems. Plastic standoffs may also provide a flat surface for wires and cables, keeping them relatively straight and free of tangles and knots.

Cable Ties

Keeping wiring organized and preventing fraying and wear depends on keeping cables and cords reliably in place. Cable ties, also commonly referred to as zip ties and hose ties, fasten wires and cables into position using a pawl and a series of ridges or teeth. Consumers can choose from nylon cable ties, color cable ties, or even stainless steel cable ties. Nylon and color ties may be best for everyday use and grouping, while stainless steel resist high temperatures and flames.

Electricity can be extremely unpredictable, and pose significant risks, including risks of electrical fires, electrocution, injuries, or even deaths. Purchasing simple tool like standoffs, cable ties, and rubber grommets online can safeguard wires and electronics, keeping homeowners and workers safe. More like this article:

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