What Tires Should You Use, and When? Three Facts to Help You Decide

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Did you know that, even though the entire country is 100% in what is known as the “snow belt,” only 54% of motorists in Canada bother using winter tires? In both Canada and the U.S., tire associations are encouraging people to get winter tires because of their superior performance in cold climates. Do you change your tires in the winter if you live in an area where the temperature falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit? Here are three facts to help you decide which tires you should use, and when.

1. Should I Use Snow Tires?

It’s commonly assumed that snow tires are only useful when the roads are icy or slippery. In fact, they perform better in all road conditions that are below 45 degrees F, according to Traffic Injury Research Foundation findings. Snow, or winter, tires have deeper treads and siping that works like a squeegee to catch snow and ice. Consumer Reports found that snow tires are a full 40% better for snow traction and 15% better in ice.

2. What are All Terrain Tires Good For?

All terrain tires are frequently used on SUV’s, as well as light trucks. They have a tread pattern designed for use in moderate off-road conditions, as well as on-road. Since manufacturers realize most people will use them on-road the majority of the time, the tires mostly work to reduce noise levels and offer better traction. This past month, Black Friday marked one of the biggest sale days for all terrain tires, and tire sales in general; dealerships sell 50% more tires on this day than on any other.

3. The Top Tire Brands to Choose From

Some of the top tire brands include Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, and Dunlop tires. The best brand for you depends on your budget, as well as which tire type is best for your driving style and terrain. According to RubberNews, Goodyear tires have just released a new tire model, the Ultra Grip 8, in time for the winter season. The directional tread design on this tire works to channel water away from its surface.

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