Awesome Upstate New York Happenings

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There are many small to medium cities in America that often go forgotten when it comes to vacation destination planning. But for the budget conscious folks who are seeking a getaway from daily life (and away from the glitz and uber expense of popular vacation hotspots) these cities can often serve as a welcome reprieve. Such is the case with Rochester, NY, a medium sized city that is home to approximately one million people.

Also known as the Flour City, Rochester, New York, is not only ranked as one of the most livable cities (according to the 2007 edition of Places Rated Almanac), but it offers hundreds of affordable activities for family fun. (Yes, the winters from bordering on a Great Lake can prove somewhat harsh, but the activities still prove favorable.)

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Tips to Find a Rochester Hotel

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Are you looking for a great Rochester hotel for your next stay in the area? You may be looking forward to exploring the attractions and activities of this city. Most people when they begin planning their vacation try to find the best accommodations they can for their budget. You can find a Rochester hotel that will suit your needs, as well as fitting within your budget.

You are looking for a Rochester hotel that everyone in your group will find comfortable and spacious. You do not want to feel like you are being confined into a tiny hotel room, so you may want to consider a Rochester hotel suite. Think how wonderful your stay will be with the kids in one room and you and your spouse in another. Everyone can enjoy the stay while not ge